We offer HIGH-quality wood products at reasonable prices!
To order any of our products in large quantities of 30 or more. please fill out a quote form. 
Live edge slabs
Wood Slabs

We offer a variety of live edge slabs in a variety of species. Our selection varies month to month. 

Price depends on width, length thickness and type of wood. 

Some of the species we have carried and still have are (not limited to) black walnut, sycamore, elm, red elm, pecan, red cedar, blue spruce, hemlock, pine, birch, maple and sugar maple. 

Our average sizes in slabs are under 8feet, 1-2 inches thick and under 22 inches in width. 

Any slab over 8 feet and wider than 22 inches will require full payment for holds.



Wood cross cuts for crafting or antler mounts

We offer wood ovals for various crafts or antler mounts. looks for these at any of our locations. 

Wood species vary. 

Crafting boards
Some live edge
Wood Cookies
Wood Rounds

    We have wood cookies, wood rounds for all your arts&crafts needs 

      Our wood cookies range from 3-12 inches in diameter.


 Read over our wood care sheet to know how to take care of your wood rounds until you use them. Wood Care Sheet.

*We do not offer sand & sealed service for our wood rounds. We do not reimburse for cracked wood rounds.


Blank Frames for signs. Available at all three locations. 

We can do custom cuts and order for minimum order of 30 (+) frames.

Please email us with your request. 

We carry crafting boards for cnc work or signage use. 

(in photo are walnut live edge craft boards)